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Living in Puerto Rico
So you’ve arranged your viewing tour with me and you want to learn a little more about living in Puerto Rico and the alluring new life that awaits you on the island.
Or perhaps you’ve already bought the home of your dreams and are all set to move. For non-US residents, we also have a page for information on Green Cards & Permanent Residency 
Whatever your current situation, when you buy a property in Puerto Rico you are also buying into an enviable lifestyle: sun-blessed throughout the year, lapped by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, flanked by golden beaches, back-dropped by verdant mountain peaks and valleys, and offering a diverse abundance of sports & leisure pursuits for the whole family.
In this meticulously researched and sourced Living in Puerto Rico section, drawing on the knowledge and experiences of other local residents, we provide an insight into such Lifestyle on Puerto Rico's West Coast aspects as Transport and Travel, local Puerto Rican Gastronomy, Education, Learning Spanish, Finding Work, getting utilities set up and Money Matters. 
For a touch of Family Fun, we look at the vast array of outdoor options, from day trips to water and theme parks.
Then there are the more serious concerns of Moving to Puerto Rico (setting up a business, retiring, or buying a holiday home – even bringing the pets) and the absolutely vital matter of Healthcare & Wellness.
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