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Life + Style Preview Visits

Our Life + Style Preview Visits are designed for those not quite ready yet, not familiar with the area, or for those prospective Buyers still researching.
It is impossible to make a well thought out investment decision without evaluating the local area and the amenities offered. Lifestyle is just as important as the property you select. During our fun and extensive tour, you will learn more about the East Coast; the lifestyle, our fantastic real estate opportunities, as well as numerous exciting and beneficial cultural tidbits, that typically takes the average newcomer many months to learn on their own.
Who can benefit?

 Those who have never been here before

● Those who are not quite sure if the area (or the Island) is right for them

● Those who are planning to live or work in Puerto Rico and need a quick and informative overview of the area, services, how to get around.

Life+ Style Preview
This is not a Real Estate Tour. This comprehensive tour takes 3 hours and allows you to experience the local lifestyle, customized to your interests. Let us know what your interests are; if you are into a marina lifestyle, if you are into health and wellness, if you are interested in sports and adventure- or simply relaxing lifestyle.
You will visit several area businesses and get to know what the East Coast is all about! Your tour will end with a quick lunch at a local restaurant for a final Q&A opportunity and recap.  The cost is $175.00 maximum of 2 guests.*  Additional guests are $25.00 No more than 4 guests.
This is not a Real Estate tour, it is a visit merely offered as a way to provide you with the personal attention required for us to listen to your expectations and dreams sincerely and to really “show and tell” you about our area.
Real Estate Life+ Style Preview
This comprehensive tour takes 4 hours and it includes all of the above, and it also allows you to view up to 3 properties.  The cost is $300.00 maximum 2 guests.*  Additional guests are $50.00 No more than 4 guests. 
A Licensed Real Estate Agent will give this tour. Real Estate advice and print outs of listings, and information on how to purchase property in Puerto Rico. In order to view properties, you must go through the interview and prequalification process prior to your arrival. Please do not book until you have provided evidence of funds (if cash purchase) or have received a bank pre-qualification letter if financing. 
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Are you ready? Just send us a request and we’ll send you the list of available dates during your stay in Puerto Rico. You can pay via PayPal in advance of the tour. Fees are not refundable.
* No more spaces available until February 15th!
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