Flat Fee MLS Puerto Rico
À la Carte Service, Limited Agent or Flat Fee MLS
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Limited Agent Plan - Pay only for those services you need!
Some sellers might want help advertising their homes, but want to negotiate the sale themselves. Some might prefer to pay an agent only for the service of listing their homes in the local MLS and placing other advertisements. Others might find a buyer without assistance but would like to hire an Agent to assist with the negotiation or paperwork required to close the transaction. 
Our Flat Fee Selling Plan is Smart, Effective, and Affordable!
  • Free Initial Phone Consultation.
  • Assistance in acquiring Tax Value Certificate, Tax Debt Certificate & Ley 7 Certificate.
  • We help write up advertisements with important information for buyers.
  • We provide forms and disclosures for Multiple Listing Services (MLS).
  • We enter listing on MLS.
  • Your property will be listed on our website, REALTOR.com, Point2Homes, Zillow and ClasificadosOnline among others.
  • You provide all photos and information.
  • You handle all inquiries and screen buyers.
  • You handle all showings, contract negotiations and coordinate closings.
$250 Flat-Fee / 6 Month access to MLS
$350 Flat-Fee / 12 Month access to MLS
Additional Services
  • $ 300.00 Professional Photography.
  • $ 300.00 Virtual 360 Tour.
  • $ 300.00 Drone photography.
  • $ 100.00 Title Search Spanish.
Seller Sales Assistance
$1,100.00 Contracts, disclosures, escrow services and follow-up until closing.
Once you have a buyer and have negotiated the terms, we will help you get through the paperwork for a successful closing!
Call us today at (939) 402-1264 and let's get started!