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Financing Options in Puerto Rico

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Looking for financing to fund the purchase of your Puerto Rico property? Take a look at our list of reputable providers, who provide mortgages for residents and non-residents looking to invest in Puerto Rico.

These options are for mainland U.S. Residents.

List of lenders:

I have worked with these lenders in the past, but I suggest that you call and interview them and choose the one you feel would best represent your interests.
Emali Vaz Cadelaria
Fembi Mortgage
Cell 787.526.6330
Tel  787.526.6330
Fax  787.625.2561
Jennifer Leammon (*English Only)
Branch Manager
Cell (208) 724-3956
Office (787) 303-0112
Noel Arroyo Hernández
First Security Mortgage
Oficina. : 787.753.0101 Ext. 223
Celular: 787.413.2583
Fax. 787.332.0100
David Garcia Gilabert
Sun West Mortgage Company
Office (787) 360-5141