Area Guide of Fajardo, Puerto Rico
Fajardo is a municipality on the east coast of Puerto Rico just 45 minutes from the capital city of Internacional Luis Muñoz Marín Airport (SJU). It sprawls like a scruffy suburb between the foothills of El Yunque and the sea. It has many personalities: downbeat ferry port for Vieques and Culebra, upscale yacht harbor, nature preserve and beautiful beach escape. A great home base for those that wish to go island hopping to the cays and offshore islands of Vieques & Culebra-and an excellent area to own rental income property of short term stays.
Fajardo, is known both for its variety of boating activities and as a gateway to Vieques and Culebra Islands, but this place is more than just the sum of its marinas. 
Zip Code: 00738, 00740
Driving Distance from San Juan: 29.1 miles
Driving Time: 54 minutes
Fajardo Area Guide and Neighborhood Information
Fajardo is made up of 9 barrios:
  1. Cabezas
  2. Demajagua
  3. Florencio
  4. Naranjo
  5. Quebrada Fajardo
  6. Quebrada Vueltas
  7. Pueblo
  8. Río Arriba
  9. Sardinera

Area Attraction
Fajardo also reigns as one of Puerto Rico’s biggest water-activity centers. Around Fajardo you can do everything from diving in the waters of the coral-rich La Cordillera islands to kayaking one of Puerto Rico’s three bioluminescent bays – the very popular Laguna Grande, which is part of the very worthwhile Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve. A few miles south, boaters enjoy Puerto del Rey, one of the largest marinas in the Caribbean. 
Also located nearby is El Conquistador Golf Course, designed by Arthur Hills in 1993. It features changes in elevation more than 200 feet with strategic bunkering and water features. 
Offshore near Fajardo few islets can be found: Icacos, Palominos, Palominitos and Diablo, uninhabited coral islands.
Fajardo Area Attractions

Festivals and Events
Festival Cocolia - November
Festival de Bomba y Plena - May
Festival de Chiringas - April
Fiestas del Paraiso - August
Fiestas Patronales de Santiago Apostol - July
    Every year, Fajardo celebrates a patron saint festival.
    The festivities include dances, food, parades and religious processions. 
La Bicicletada Fajardena - April
Regata de Veleros Copa Kelly - April


There are 15 public schools in Fajardo, education is handled by the Puerto Rico Department of Education. Fajardo is also home to 2 colleges and universities.
Universities and Colleges 
Inter American Univ Of Puerto Rico Fajardo
Calle Union-Batey Central Carr
Fajardo PR, 00738
Gen. Ph#: (787) 863-2390 x2201
Fin. Ph#: (787) 863-2390 x2271
Adm. Ph#: (787) 863-2390 x2210
Highest Degree: Bachelor's degree
Puerto Rico Barber College
Avenida General Valero #300 Al
Fajardo PR, 00738
Gen. Ph#: (787) 863-2970
Fin. Ph#: (787) 863-2970
Adm. Ph#: (787) 863-2970
Highest Degree: At least 1, but less than 2 academic yrs
Public Schools
Ana Delia Flores (sup. Voc.)
Fajardo PR, 00738
Ph#: (787) 863-0424
Grades: 10-12
Antonio Valero Bernabe
Fajardo PR, 00738
Ph#: (787) 863-0024
Grades: 07-09
Berta Zalduondo
Fajardo PR, 00738
Ph#: (787) 863-3959
Grades: KG-06
Dr Jose Ramos Lebron
Fajardo PR, 00738
Ph#: (787) 863-0224
Grades: KG-06
Dr Santiago Veve Calzada
Fajardo PR, 00738
Ph#: (787) 863-0125
Grades: 10-12
Dr Santiago Veve Calzada (elemental)
Fajardo PR, 00738
Ph#: (787) 863-1385
Grades: KG-06
Eugenio M Brac
Fajardo PR, 00738
Ph#: (787) 863-0324
Grades: 04-06
Gabino Soto
Fajardo PR, 00738
Ph#: (787) 863-8482
Grades: KG-03
Ines Encarnacion
Fajardo PR, 00738
Ph#: (787) 863-7570
Grades: KG-06
Josefina Ferrero
Fajardo PR, 00738
Ph#: (787) 863-6770
Grades: 07-09
Maria I Dones
Fajardo PR, 00738-9711
Ph#: (787) 863-8240
Grades: KG-06
Pedro Rosario Nieves
Fajardo PR, 00738
Ph#: (787) 863-1840
Grades: KG-06
Ramon Qui-ones Pacheco
Fajardo PR, 00738
Ph#: (787) 863-0624
Grades: KG-06
Ramona Rivera De Morales
Fajardo PR, 00738
Ph#: (787) 863-8085
Grades: KG-06
Rosa Pascuala Paris
Fajardo PR, 00738
Ph#: (787) 863-8520
Grades: KG-06